2019 TDHCA State Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)

Local Funding Competition


TDHCA has designated SARAH to run the local competition for ESG funds during the 2019 Program Year for the San Antonio/Bexar County region.

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Application Submission Link

All application materials will be submitted via Google Form. NOTE: You will submit a separate Google form for each Project Type for which you are applying.

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For submission instructions, see Part II of the Application Submission Procedures Manual. SARAH will accept applications beginning on June 14, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. CST. Applications are due on July 10, 2019 by 5:30 p.m. CST.

Application Materials

SARAH’s 2019 ESG Application Submission Procedures Manual (PDF) (UPDATED 6/17/19)

Volume 1 – Threshold (Excel)

Volume 2 – Uniform Scoring (Excel)

Volume 3 – Street Outreach (Excel)

Volume 4 – Emergency Shelter (Excel)

Volume 5 – Homeless Prevention (Excel)

Volume 6 – Rapid Re-Housing (Excel)

Volume 7 – Narratives (Excel)

*Uniform Previous Participation Form for Single Family & Community Affairs (Excel) *Attachment for Volume 1 Tab 8

Attachment A – Continuum of Care Consultation (Word)

Attachment B – Written Standards Certification (Word)

Attachment C – Termination Policy (Word)

Attachment D – ESG Applicant Certifications (Word)

*Attachment E – Counties that Received ESG Funds in 2018 and 2019 (Word) *Information ONLY – Do not submit with application

Attachment F – Local Government Approval of Shelter Activities (Word)

*Attachment G – Continuum of Care Collaboration (Word) *To be completed by SARAH

Application Reference Materials

2019 ESG Information Session PowerPoint 6.20.19

SARAH’s 2019 ESG Timeline + Deadlines (PDF) (Updated 6/18/19)

Uniform Previous Participation Form Instructions (PDF)

ESG Allocation Formula Tables (PDF)

Fair Market Rents (HUD Website)

Federal ESG Interim Rule (U.S. Government Website)

State ESG Rule (Texas Administrative Code – Office of Secretary of State Website)

HUD Income Limits (Excel)

Income Determination Training (TDHCA Website)

Texas Property Code (TX Constitution and Statutes Website)


Contact Information

Chelsey Viger, Continuum of Care Operations Manager

(210)876-0720, ext. 105


FY 2019 CoC NOFA Funding Competition