Move-On Preference Program

The Move-On Preference Program is a permanent housing solution for program participants currently housed through Permanent Supportive Housing to seamlessly transition into subsidized housing with the local Public Housing Authority.

Our chronic homeless population is initially served through Permanent Supportive Housing as the supportive, wrap-around services are crucial to connecting program participants to the community and creating a safe home.  Over time, as stability is created, the need for intensive supportive services decreases but a financial barrier remains.  This program is designed for those who have previously experienced chronic homelessness, been successfully served through Permanent Supportive Housing, and will benefit from on-going housing subsidy to prevent a return to homelessness.

Through our efforts to utilize creative solutions to maximize resources, SARAH has partnered with the San Antonio Housing Authority to pilot a Move-On Preference Program that aims to provide permanent housing solutions for program participants needing long-term housing subsidies and open opportunities to serve new clients within our local Permanent Supportive Housing capacity.

How to Apply:

PSH Case Managers must refer potential program participants to the Move-On Preference Program.  Please note SARAH does not accept applications directly from clients being served through a PSH program.

To refer your client to the Move-On Preference Program, Please complete the SAHA AHP Packet, Arizona Self-Sufficiency matrix, Letter of Support, and Voluntary Participation Acknowledgement form.  Attach it to the Google Form called “Move-On Preference Referral Packet” and submit it to SARAH so that the application can be considered for review.

The referral packet will be sent to the Move-On Preference Review Panel for approval.  Once the referral packet is approved, SARAH will notify the PSH Case Manager.  The PSH Case Manager will then need to upload the Letter of Support along with the SAHA Housing Choice Voucher application and required documents to the “Move-On Preference Program Application“.

Click here for a full description of the program and instructions on how to complete referral process.

Required Forms

Voluntary Participation Acknowledgement Form

Arizona Self Sufficiency Matrix

Letter of Support Template

SAHA Assisted Housing Programs (AHP) Referral Form

SAHA Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Application


Things I Need to Bring to a SAHA Eligibility Appointment

SAHA Housing Search

Arizona Self-Sufficiency Matrix Interpretation Guide

For questions, please email