Movement to House All Youth


Join Us and Take a STAND with Our Youth. Join the
#WESAY #HouseAllYouth Movement
for Youth in San Antonio and Bexar County.

We are guided by the Youth Action Board of San Antonio (#YABSA) which strives for youth to be at the center of decision making. Our movement to house all youth is established in our coordinated community plan, WE SAY.

Nina grew up in an abusive home, causing lifelong trauma and emotional distress. Her family and friends didn’t have her best interests at heart and didn’t agree with her sexual orientation. After leaving this toxic environment, Nina experienced homelessness in her mid-20’s and entered a dark period in her life. She was roaming, living out of her car, and couch surfing with friends. She was in survival mode and started experiencing anger issues. Nina found hope by channeling her anger and sought help from Haven for Hope where she was introduced to the Thrive Youth Center. Inspired by the stories and goodwill of others, she continued to grow. Through her involvement with YAB-SA, she’s determined to lay the groundwork for positive change by listening and learning to better address and end youth homelessness.

Every Youth Needs a Place to Call Home

By joining the Movement to House All Youth, you are committing to collaborating with stakeholders and youth who have experienced homelessness to find long-term solutions to safely house all youth and young adults.

Join the Movement! #WESAY #HouseAllYouth #YABSA