Youth Action Board of San Antonio

We work to expand the youth voice and implement youth equity in our city’s homelessness response system.

Our Mission and Values

The mission of the Youth Action Board is to advise and inform on the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP) planning process as a way of representing the youth homeless community in San Antonio. The Youth Action Board is responsible for understanding and advising on improvements for the current homeless system. We pursue the creation of a homeless system centered and focused on youth and young adults. We give the voice back to the youth by establishing youth equity.

We value: Inclusion, Diversity, Change, Support, Education, Accountability, Equity, Service, Integrity, and Leadership

What We Do

  • Focus on long-term solutions to safely house all youth in San Antonio, TX

  • Center the youth voice in policy change

  • Advocate for improvements in the system that addresses homelessness

YAB 2020 Accomplishments

Seat on the Continuum of Care Board of Directors

Technology Access Program now available to members

YAB was accepted
into the Youth action Society

Collaboration with SARAH on Movement to House All Youth

YAB 2021 End of Year Goals

Set a clear message for the Move-ment to House All Youth

Attend at least 3 San Antonio City Council meetings

Recruit 3 new YAB members by March 30, 2021

Focus on work that destigmatizes home-lessness

Give a community presentation on housing youth

Have at least 1 food drive by the end of the year

Apply and Get Involved!

Application Requirements:
– The applicant must be 17 to 25 years old
– All applications are subject to approval by the Youth Action Board
– The Youth Action Board must be composed of at least 2/3 active members with lived experience of homelessness.

Please fill out this Google Form, if you’re interested in applying to the Youth Action Board of San Antonio. If you have any questions regarding the application process or regarding the Youth Action Board in general, please contact Suyapa Muñoz at

Want to Collaborate with Us?
If you are a business, organization, or an interested community member and would like to collaborate with the Youth Action Board of San Antonio, please contact Suyapa Muñoz at

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